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On this section you are able to search providers that you know, either by name or postcode. Just simply type the name of the home you would like to look at and their details will be available for you. This search is not a detailed search it is a simple search that does not take into consideration your requirements, to tailor your search and make it specific to you please log on here
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Postcode / Town / Care Provider / Keyword Search
This search will require a partial, full postcode or town either of where you are currently or a different location where you would like to find care. Alternatively you can enter the name of the care provider you would like information about, including any keywords such as Dementia
Please use the scale to define the distance of the care home from the postcode provided

A Care Home is a registered establishment that provides accommodation and care for people who require round the clock care or who are unable to live alone. If you feel this is the type of care setting you require please select this option
Care in my own home is used to describe care services available to help people manage their physical and mental health whilst living independently in their own home. This could range from short visits for meal preparations to a full live in package. If this is what you feel is required please select this option
Alternatively if you would like to consider both Care Homes and Care in your own home please tick both options.