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Activities you can do with elderly relatives


Isolation and loneliness are becoming more and more widespread within the elderly community. Modern life is always moving at a fast pace and it can be hard to make time for those who are on their own.


This loneliness can be a combination of factors; from loss of mobility to the loss of a spouse or significant other. There are fewer opportunities for social engagement and the elderly depend on family for support.

This month we’ve decided to create a list of activities that you can do to make sure that your elderly relative or neighbour doesn’t feel isolated and left behind.

Art classes

Art classes are a great activity to take part in with your elderly relative. Not only are you both spending time together, but also being creative stimulates the brain.

Art classes are usually group activities making them perfect if your elderly relative wants to interact with other like-minded, creative individuals. It gives you both the opportunity to learn a new skill, but also take home your creation at the end of the day.

Country parks and houses

As we all know, unfortunately with old age comes occasional loss of mobility. However, many country parks and houses have been made accessible for those who can’t manoeuvre around as much as before.

Not only does visiting a country house give you the opportunity to spend time with your elderly relative, it gives them a chance to experience history, culture and nature, all of which can be extremely relaxing.

You can find out more information on days out at country parks and stately homes, why not take a look at the National Trusts’ website here.

Open gardens

What could be better than taking an elderly relative our to an open garden? We all know that gardening is a relaxing pastime, but it also has health benefits too.

Gardening is a form of exercise and also helps to improve mental-health. Throughout the UK, homeowners open their gardens to the public to visit, all in aid of different charities.

These days out will give your elderly relative the chance to get inspired with their own garden (if they have one) and meet other visitors who are interested in the same things. Not only those, but also many hosts make homemade teas and cakes.

For more information on gardens that will be open this year, take a look at the National Gardens Scheme website here.

Concerts, choirs and community events

If your elderly relatives weren’t interested into going to musical concerts, choir performances or community events, then now would be the time to start.

So many local communities regularly host events you’ll be spoilt for choice. Each event gives them new experiences, they get to interact with others and they might find a new activity they enjoy.

If they’re reluctant to choose somewhere to go, then why not offer to buy the tickets and go with them to the first performance. All you need to do is a bit of research online, find a location that’s near to their home and arrange the transportation.


Scrapbooking is another fantastic activity you can do with an elderly relative. Not only does it give you the chance to be creative, it also gives them a chance to reminisce about their own past experiences.

When you’re starting the scrapbook, ask your elderly relative on whether there’s a theme that they’d like to use. This could be an image series of their family, experiences from their past or any holidays that they’ve been on with their significant other.

The most memorable part of scrapbooking is writing down experiences. Any annotations or stories that your elderly relative might have should be written down next to any photos that are included. This scrapbook can then be passed down through the generations, making it a wonderful gift and way to remember their lives.


So there we have it, our top activities you can do with an elderly relative or neighbour. What do you think? Are there any other activities that you can recommend that we haven’t mentioned?

We’d love to hear your thoughts, so get in touch with us on Facebook here or on Twitter here, and share your own experiences. You never know what new connections you might make.

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