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How to market your care home


With so many marketing methods available, it can be a struggle to promote your care home in such a competitive market. That’s why this month we’ve created a list of practical steps you can take to stand out from the competition.



Utilise social media

When it comes to marketing your care home, there’s no better way to start than utilising social media. Social media helps you to increase your brand reach and awareness, whilst engaging with followers on a daily basis.

These social media platforms include:

  • Twitter and Facebook – Both primarily B2C, making them ideal if you’re reaching out to the friends and family of potential care home users.
  • Linkedin – Primarily B2B, but is regularly used by businesses to reach out to influencers and care workers.
  • Instagram – Primarily B2C, but can be used to visually promote your care home with images or short videos


Focus on your audience

When you’re marketing your care home, it’s important that you take into account the individual needs of your audience. Once you’ve established what their main points are, you can tailor your marketing messages for maximum impact. These main points can include:

  • Location – How near or far are they from loved ones in their care home?
  • Cost – Are you more affordable or do you offer more than other care homes in the local area?
  • Duration – How long are visitors allowed whilst a loved one is staying?
  • Facilities – Do you offer more facilities and activities compared to other care homes?
  • Setting – Are you situated near the sea or near countryside?
  • Specialist care options – Do you cater for more specific medical conditions compared to other care homes?


Invest in your marketing materials

When somebody hands you a piece of marketing material that’s not branded, unprofessional or looks cheap, it reflects badly on the company doesn’t it. That’s why you need to invest time and money into professional marketing materials.

We know it’s a big investment, but when you’re trying to stand out from other care homes, professional marketing collateral could be the difference between filled bed spaces and empty rooms.


Spread the word

When you’re promoting your care home, it’s important that you don’t just focus on the online audience; using word of mouth is equally effective.

Whether that’s through local radio advertising or printed marketing materials throughout a town or city, the more ways you get your home in front of an audience the better.

If you have a limited marketing budget, then why don’t you utilise free events in your local area. Many community centres, schools and day centres run events throughout the year where local businesses are invited to promote their services.


Sponsor local events

Don’t just settle for talking about your care home, sponsoring local events is a great way to reach a wide audience in a local setting. If there’s a local fete or charity event, then why don’t you set up a stall or donate something to a good cause.

This sense of community is especially important, as families will look for care homes that take the time to get to know local residents, whilst showing a caring, loving attitude towards good causes.


Utilise other companies

Now we don’t mean piggyback on the marketing efforts of another care home, we mean that there are companies out there (Care Quest for example) that have the ability to market your care home for you.

These services have been designed to help match patients with care homes and care providers based on your unique medical expertise. At the same time as this, including your care home in a professional marketing directory means that anyone searching for a care home will see you in their search results.



So there we have it, our top ways to market your care home. What do you think? Are there any other marketing campaigns or activities that you can recommend that we haven’t mentioned?

We’d love to hear your thoughts, so get in touch with us on Facebook here or on Twitter here, and share your own experiences. You never know what new connections you might make.

However, if you’re interested in finding out more about how Care Quest can help you, then please do get in touch with us here. We’d be more than happy to talk through all available options.

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