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Choosing the right Care Setting can be a daunting process, especially if it’s your first experience. Quite often reaching the decision that you need the support is an upheaval enough.

Care Quest wants to help relieve the burden and ensure that the experience of finding a care provider is as stress free as possible.

By using our unique online solution, we can match Care Providers with People looking for care and support. It uses the criteria selected by the person with the providers specialising in those requirements.

General Public

Do you need some support yourself? Or are you looking for care for a loved one or relative?

Care Quest wants to help you find care Providers in your area, if you are looking for support ranging from post op convalesce to Dementia care, then care Quest is here to help.

Enter the support you require and the location you require it in and care quest will do the rest, not only will it define those that can help, it will contact them on your behalf. Once you have selected your choices and asked the system to contact the providers you are free to get on with your day and await their contact. The system is completely free to use, with as much or as little involvement as you so desire.

Home Care

Those that provide care in peoples own homes are known as Home Care Agencies or domiciliary care agencies. For a home care provider, it can be a difficult and frustrating business, when most of the people requiring support approach providers with limited notice, or hospitals are discharging patients throughout the day and night. Preparing for this would be a luxury, however Care Quest has designed a clever process where Providers are able to display the availability and expertise of support workers in a given location. This would ensure that staff are fully utilised avoiding any unnecessary down time and costs associated with this situation.

Those searching for home care support will input their requirements including the location and times of preferred visits, and once this matches your availability and expertise you will be sent an instant notification either by email or SMS to contact the person requiring support. This will ensure that you no longer miss opportunities to deliver your service.

Secondary to this Care Quest will help advertise your business complementing your online presence by adding pictures, videos and textual description of your company including how it enhances the independence of those living in their own homes.

Why choose Care Quest?

Care Quest is a completely free service, where you are able to view Care Providers in any given location . You can contact providers that provide the type of care you need either for yourself or someone else.

All the data is held securely using the most up to date technology, all you need to do is create a username and then begin searching for that perfect Care Company that will help you live independently or with the level of support you need.


Choosing the right care can be a mine field, accepting that you require support is one thing knowing which care providers can support you is another. This site will give you a full list of providers in any given location, defining your list will require you to input details on which type of support and care you are looking for.


Care Quest is completely cloud born, allowing users to access the system on any device with an internet connection.


Finding the right care for you, begins with you in putting your actual requirements, using the checklist of services available and any additional information can be noted in the comments box available.

Using the postcode locator, you can search for any care provision in any given location.


The Care Quest system will host experts in care ranging from supporting adults with learning disabilities to End of Life Care. Links to their CQC reports will also be available.